It’s Medieval Monday Cathy MacRae!

I’m excited to share the tenth excerpt from Cathy MacRae’s book, The Highlander’s Crusader Bride. At the end of the post, you will see where to next Monday to find out what happens next.

Born in the Holy Land to a life of danger and adventure, Arbela MacLean is not the bride Caelen expected.


Born in the Holy Land only a few years after the Third Crusade, half-Armenian, half-Scot Arbela MacLean is a true daughter of the desert, beautiful and untamed. Trained to be a warrior to avoid her gentle mother’s fate, Arbela has honed her skills with Turkish bow and arrow, sword, and throwing darts—and dreads the day her father choses a man for her to marry.

After more than thirty years in the Holy Land, Donal MacLean, Baron of Batroun, is recalled to Scotland, the last son available to take up leadership of clan MacLean. He brings with him knights, treasure, trade—and a daughter of marriageable age.

Caelen MacKern, known as the Bull of the Highlands, is cynical about women. His first marriage formed an alliance, and he did not grieve when his spoiled, immature bride passed away. He has agreed to marry again—against his better judgement—for the men, means, and coin to recover from a devastating pestilence that all but wiped out his clan.

More than a little resentful at finding himself forced to remarry, Caelen’s proposal to Donal MacLean’s headstrong daughter nevertheless piques her interest. Each will receive what they want most from life—the ability to live as they please without interference from a meddling spouse. But their marriage of indifference will soon change to one of passion that neither Arbela nor Caelen could have predicted.

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“Go in peace to glorify God with yer life,” came Father Sachairi’s dismissal.

The gathered crowd replied, “Thanks be to God.”

The skirl of pipes once again filled the air and people encircled the couple, congratulating them and ushering them outside. Children scampered about as small coins were tossed in the air. The mood was jubilantly festive and Arbela’s heart lifted. Bram marched at her side, clutching her gown as they crossed the yard to the open doors of the keep.

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