Medieval Monday with Ruth A. Casie!

It’s time for another Medieval Monday blog hop! Our theme is, “Hero and heroine first encounter”. Each author has selected an excerpt from one of their books to share with you over the next few months.

I’m excited to share the third excerpt from Ruth’s book, A Pirate’s Jewel. At the end of the post, you will see where to go on the following Monday to find out what happens next.


He had walked away from women before, but never with remorse, never with his heart broken.
Wesley Reynolds will do anything to avenge his family’s banishment from Dundhragon Castle even throw in with the notorious pirate, MacAlpin. His plan, ruin Lord Ewan’s trading network.
He has a more devious plan for his father’s ‘best friend,’ the man who abandoned them at the eleventh hour. He’ll ruin the man’s most precious jewel, his daughter Darla. Wesley’s so close to ruining the trade network and succeeding he can almost taste it, but revenge is not nearly as sweet as Darla’s kisses.
Darla Maxwell, beloved by her parents has no prospects of marriage. Her father and Lord Ewan search to find her the right husband. Darla’s special gifts are frightening to many. She has visions that often come true. The murky image of a man haunts her, she’s sure it’s Lord Ewan’s soon-to-be son-in-law, but the vision morphs when she meets Wesley. The meaning couldn’t be any clearer to her, her destiny lies with Wesley.
When revelations surface indicating Wesley has been deceived and his revenge misplaced. Will he find the truth of what really happened to his family in time to stop the pirates? Will Darla ever forgive him? Will he ever forgive himself?


“You have a good idea here. Let’s talk when you return. I’ve given you as many men as I can spare. My main force is two or three weeks from home,” Lord Ewan said.

“Come this way, m’lord. I’d like to show you my castle.” The two men walked to the stern of the ship.

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