Medieval Monday with Jenni Fletcher!

It’s time for another Medieval Monday blog hop! Our theme is, “Author’s Choice”. Each author has selected an excerpt from one of their books to share with you over the next few months.

I’m excited to share the seventh excerpt which is from Jenni Fletcher’s book, Besieged and Betrothed.

At the end of the post, you will see where to go on the following Monday to find out what happens next.


She gave him a pleading look and he rolled his eyes in frustration. What next? First she tricked him, then she took him prisoner and now she wanted him to prove himself? Never mind the fact that they were running out of time! Next she’d be asking him to console her…

‘He was supposed to marry your aunt.’ He dredged the memory up from somewhere. ‘Your mother was a younger sister, but he said that once he saw her, he couldn’t marry anyone else. He said she had hair like a sunset.’

‘Red.’ She lifted a hand to her head self-consciously. ‘But my father liked it.’

‘Then we’ve something else in common.’


Ruthless warrior Lothar the Frank has laid siege to Castle Haword, but there’s a fiery redhead in his way—and she’s not backing down!

More tomboy than trembling maiden, Lady Juliana Danville would rather die than lose the castle. When she’s caught on opposite sides of a war, a marriage bargain is brokered to bring peace. But is blissful married life possible when Juliana has a dangerous secret hidden within the castle walls?

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Jenni Fletcher

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