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My name is Lane McFarland and I write historical romance, spanning the early Middle Ages through the American Civil War. While my books are fiction, each one is based on historical facts, and you will often see known figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, or The Red Comyn make guest appearances. All my books revolve around human struggles, sacrifices survivors are forced to make, and their resilience to live and thrive.

I like most any kind of romance novel, but my heart has always been drawn to the medieval period, particularly in Scotland, Ireland, and England. Escaping into a world of brawny Highland warriors and feisty lasses as they fight for independence and stories of daring pirates, raiding Vikings, and valiant knights, transport me to an era filled with strife and hardships only to be overcome by everlasting love.

You’ll find my books follow different series as I love to read stories that continue through secondary characters. As a matter of fact, the books I’m currently writing branch off my first series, The Daughters of Alastair MacDougall. Throughout Cameron, Heather, Lindsey, and Elsbeth, you will meet colorful individuals whose stories beg to be told. To Support A King, the first book in my new series, The Turnberry Legacy,  tells the story of Laird Mangus MacAndrew, who you met in Lindsey and Elsbeth. I’m also fond of the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War and have plans for series around those difficult times.

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